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What is Grabba (Fronto)?

Grabba is a specific variety of tobacco that is sold as a whole leaf or blunt wrapper (loose leaf wraps). It is typically darker and richer than other types of tobacco. Since it is a thicker leaf, it is much more suitable to be used as a blunt wrapper for Rolling-Your-Own (RYO). It can also be crushed since it goes through a drying and aging process before it is sold. The rich, dark characteristics make it a great choice for tobacco smokers and those who chew tobacco as well.

What is the history of Grabba Leaves?

Tobacco leaves are grown in many different regions of the world and the Grabba Leaf, in particular, is native to the Caribbean or Jamaica to be more precise. One of the primary reasons it is one of the most popular of all the air-cured tobacco leaves is its dark color.

The Jamaican culture loves the variety of ways to use grabba (fronto) leaves. The tobacco leaves can be used as a full-size cigar wrapper for hand-rolling cigars and crushing leaves (crushed grabba) to blend with other fillers for spliffs. The grabba (fronto) leaf is also trending in other parts of the world as migrants from Jamaica and other Caribbean islands popularize the use.

What is a Blunt Wrap?

A blunt is a cigar that has all of the tobacco filler removed and replaced with cannabis bud. It can also be hand-rolled using a whole tobacco leaf (grabba leaf). The blunt size will depend largely on which type of cigar you choose to make your blunts from.

There are numerous options for tobacco blunt wraps (cigar wraps) or loose leaf wraps available. They are sold in pre-packaged whole-leaf (grabba leaf) and pre-cut form with a variety of flavors to choose from.

What are Pre Rolled Blunt Cones?

Each blunt wrap (cigar wraps) or rolling paper is pre rolled into a cone shape which is open on the top end. The bottom end is packed with a small amount of cannabis leaves and bits of cannabis buds. This design makes it much easier and quicker to roll weed blunts. Since they are open at the wider end you can easily pack them full of your favorite strain of cannabis flower.

Pre rolled blunt cones (cigar cones) are preferred by many for the convenience of having the rolling part already done. If you are one of those people who struggle rolling a nice weed joint or weed blunt then cones are the best option.

What is Crushed Grabba?

As you may already know, the most common way to buy grabba is the whole leaf so, that it can be used as traditional blunt wraps (loose leaf wraps). The grabba is perfectly cured and dried in a way that it can be rolled easily. The rich dark color and mellow burn produce a great-tasting cigar. However, you can also purchase grabba in a shredded form that makes it perfect to be used as a filler.

Grabba leaves are known to be premium tobacco leaves. The majority of natural leaf brands on the market come from the best-growing locations. The whole leaf still makes the best blunt wrappers and the crushed grabba leaves make the best fillers (grabba shakes). So, it makes sense that the tobacco lovers who want to Roll-Your-Own (RYO) would also enjoy dark grabba crushed leaves.

What is Hot Grabba?

Hot Grabba comes in a variety of tobacco leaves that are native to the Caribbean and are known to be very dark and thicker than most other tobacco leaf varieties. This makes the grabba (fronto) much better for being crushed and blended with other fillers for making weed blunts or spliffs. This creates a much more enjoyable burn and blunt smoke experience than most other types of grabba (fronto) leaves.

Types of Hot Grabba

  • Dark Air Cured (ALO)
  • Red Rose
  • Red Herring

What is a Spliff?

A spliff is a hand-rolled weed joint that contains loose tobacco (crushed grabba or grabba shakes) and ground cannabis bud. The blend is rolled inside a rolling paper just like a traditional weed joint. The combination of crushed grabba and cannabis flower delivers a very mellow taste.

Where to buy Grabba Leaves?

  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Smoke Shops
  • E-commerce (Online)

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