Grabba Leaf Review: Blak Ty


We are a grabba leaf (tobacco) brand established in 2016 by CEO/ Founder, Brandon Cargill, in an effort to deliver top-grade, hot grabba (grabba leaves) products such as our signature crushed grabba (grabba shakes) and pre rolled blunt cones (cigar cones) in addition to smoking accessories.

Since 2016 our grabba (fronto) brand, High-Grade Jamaican Leaf, has maintained the mission to offer our smoker connoisseurs options of high-quality grabba products. Our grabba leaf is not dry, has no holes, sun-grown, and is dark in color. The flavor is sweet, smooth, and consistent across our sun-grown and hand-picked all-natural tobacco (fronto) leaf.

This article will provide an in-depth grabba leaf review of our grabba leaves from YouTuber, Blak Ty.

Blak Ty – High-Grade Jamaican Leaf Review

Blak Ty, YouTuber, reviewed the High-Grade Jamaican Leaf Sample Box. The sample box includes the featured grabba leaf products – Blunt Wraps (loose leaf wraps), and Whole Leaf Tobacco (grabba/ fronto). Blak Ty enjoyed the ease of use, quality, and taste of the grabba leaf (fronto leaf). He also mentioned that he loved the eye-catching packaging of the grabba products. His first experience with the grabba leaves was a smooth hit that burns very slowly and even.

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Blak Ty – High-Grade Jamaican Leaf Review

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Sample Box (Grabba Leaves) Products

Blunt Wraps (Loose Leaf Wraps)

Enjoy a richer, more robust smoking experience when you roll your favorite blends in the grabba (fronto) leaf Blunt Wraps (loose leaf wraps). These natural leaf wraps stray from your typical tobacco leaf blunt wraps with their unique composition, made entirely of all-natural dark grabba leaves. They offer a smooth texture that is oily enough to be pliable and easy to roll and put off a smooth, rich taste that enhances every puff. Their sweet, yet mild aroma also fills the air with an earthiness. One wrap provides an economical way to roll, as you can get three to four rolls out of each one.

Grabba Leaf (Fronto Leaf)

With the Whole Leaf Tobacco (fronto), you can enjoy your own all-natural blunt wraps (loose leaf wraps). As a result, cutting down to the exact size you like them. When left uncut, they measure approximately 21 inches in length, giving you plenty of material to work with. Thanks to their naturally oily nature, they are soft and pliable, so you won’t have to worry about any rips or tears as you roll. They have a smooth texture that feels nice to hold. When you burn them, they give off an equally as smooth taste. A lightly sweet aroma comes from the grabba leaf when burned to enhance your experience.

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