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We are a grabba leaf (tobacco) brand established in 2016 by CEO/ Founder, Brandon Cargill, in an effort to deliver top-grade, grabba leaves such as our signature crushed grabba (grabba shakes) and pre rolled blunt cones (cigar cones) in addition to smoking accessories.

Since 2016 our grabba (fronto) brand, High-Grade Jamaican Leaf, has maintained the mission to offer our smoker connoisseurs options of high-quality grabba products. As a result, our whole leaf tobacco is not dry, has no holes, sun-grown, and is dark in color. For example, the flavor is sweet, smooth, and consistent across our sun-grown and hand-picked all-natural tobacco (fronto) leaf.

This page will provide grabba leaf near me store locations for our grabba leaves at authorized retailers near you.

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Store Locations

High-Grade Jamaican Leaf is the brand for all things grabba leaf and smoking accessories. Check out the High-Grade Jamaican Leaf store locator to find our products that are stocked at authorized retailers near you.

  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Smoke Shops
  • E-commerce (Online)

Our grabba leaves product distribution is currently throughout the Caribbean and the United States marketplace.

All things considered, you can buy directly from us online, visit, or apply for a wholesale account, email

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